Kilauea (United States) - Report for 13 September-19 September 2017

During 13-19 September HVO reported that the lava lake continued to rise, fall, and spatter in Kilauea?s Overlook crater.
Webcams recorded incandescence from long-active sources within Pu'u 'O'o Crater and from a small lava pond in a pit on the W side of the crater.
The 61G lava flow, originating from a vent on Pu'u 'O'o Crater's E flank, continued to enter the ocean at Kamokuna.
Surface lava flows were active above and on the pali, and on the coastal plain.
On 13 September geologists noted that several prominent cracks running parallel to the coastline had widened in the past two weeks, underscoring the potential for bench collapse into the sea.

Source: US Geological Survey Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO)

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