Santa Maria (Guatemala) - Report for 3 August-9 August 2022

INSIVUMEH reported that the eruption at Santa María?s Santiaguito lava-dome complex continued during 2-9 August.
Lava flows continued to advance in the San Isidro and El Tambor drainages on the W and SW flanks and were as long as 3.7 km by 5 August.
Block avalanches from the W part of Caliente cone, and from both the ends and sides of the flows descended the S, SW, and W flanks.
The avalanches generated ash plumes that rose about 1 km and drifted SW, S, and E, causing ashfall in areas downwind including La Florida, Monte Claro, San Marcos Palajunoj, Loma Linda, and Las Marías.
Incandescence from Caliente cone and the lava-flow fronts was sometimes visible at night.

Source: Instituto Nacional de Sismologia, Vulcanologia, Meteorologia, e Hidrologia (INSIVUMEH)

Fonte/Source: Global Volcanism Program/Smithsonian Institution

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